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>> amber alert from two children taken from southern california and people here were alerted on the smartphone. >> we are a day away from bart and the unions presenting the case before a board of inquiry. a is next for commuters? >> 6 a.m. on tuesday. >> thank you for joining us. weapon will the gray skies turn blue? >> what is next if the commuters weather wise in drizzle. that will lock in the cloud cover again longer and keep the temperatures below average. we do not have wide-spread rain. we have not heard of slick streets but the possibility that the drizzle may have an effect on the commute. the bay, the next 12 hours, drizzle and mid-50's. by noon, partly cloudy and 62 and the sunshine will be chilled and only 6 at 4:00, and the clouds return by 7:00 and low 60's. next 12 hours inland, cloudy and
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least likely area to have drizzle is 55 and sunny by noon. warmest temperature barely gets to 80. we will be back in the upper 60's by 7:00. clouds will dominate the coast. the big-rig driver is hauling lumber across the bay bridge and trying to get it off the bridge. it now is stalled near the fremont exit. we are hooking at heavy backup beyond the s-curve to the tunnel and that is where we had the stall originally blocking a lane. now it is further to the west so helpfully they can get that off the bridge. eastbound we are looking at traffic but over to the tolls, you can see the metering lights are on and traffic is backing up significantly. >> an update on a breaking news
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from the presidio. a fire near the san francisco national cemetery brought out firefighters overnight. you can see the flames as they burned and abc7 news reporter is on the scene. this is contained, cornell? >> that is right. the smell of smoke is still in the area at the presidio. firefighters have gotten the upper hand on this grass fire that has been burning in the southwest corner of the presidio. this is the shot of the main gate of the national cemetery with the fire mostly contained. that is the good news. we have pictures to show you, firefighters say the two acres have burned inside the presidio. the blaze happened at 3:00 a.m. generating flames and a lot of smoke at park avenue. at first, finding a hydrant was a challenge for the firefighters but they did and they got water on the blaze and for a time the fire was threatening homes and historic grave sites.
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>> obviously, first homes and making sure everyone was safe but the cemetery, yes, we have graves dating back to the civil war so it is a precious historic resource. >> for now those protected? >> that is right. >> no graves were damaged. firefighters are mopping up this morning. miss as a precaution are closing lincoln avenue between park avenue through the presidio for the only commute. this is a very popular route if you are coming from the north bay or trying to access the golden gate bridge so commuters have to find another way into our out of san francisco. the cause of the fire is a mystery. >> thank you, cornell. more breaking news, look at interstate 880 in san jose you can see the electronic freeway sign lit up this morning for amber alert from southern california that now has expanded to the bay area. authorities are looking for
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40-year-old james dimaggio suspected of kidnapping two children, a 16-year-old hannah and eight year old brother ethan and it is believed he killed their mother. he is thought to drive california license plate wcu9896. the body of the mother, 44-year-old christina anderson was found inside a burned out house in san diego county. thes of a chide were also found in the garage. authorities have not said if that is one of anderson's children. dimaggio owned the home and lived there alone and is believed to be in a close friendly relationship with and son. if you would like to opt out of receiving amber aleft text from the state of california we posted details on our website. >> oakland police need your help to find a woman who vanished. the family reported her missing
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after she left her home sunday night and never returned. the 50-year-old woman is 5' 6" and weighs 150 pounds. she was last seen wearing a black and white shirt along with dark jeans. she could be driving a 2007 mini >> to the bart strike averted. officials will be busy preparing for a hearing in front of the board of inquiry appointed by the governor. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest the. >> there are three people on the panel and that will help governor brown decide if he should order a 60-day cooling off period. the head of the panel, an attorney and senior advisor to governor brown, sent a letter to all parties, asking them to come ready to explain if a strike or
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lock out i don't disrupt or endanger the public. they can bring supporting documents and the estimated cost. >> we want a fair deal. we are negotiable. we have room. we are not at our final office. >> they want to hear the office and our financial outlook and our budget numbers, our unfunded capital needs. >> the panel will report to the governor by the end of the week and he will have to decide what to call for the cooling off period which would take us into mid-october. new yorks could continue during that time. there are no negotiations this week. the panel meeting is open to the public if you would like to hear what is going on, it begins tomorrow morning at 10:30 at state building in oakland. >> bart may not be striking but another looming mass transit strike could affect commuters tonight, the union representing 1 hundred 800 a.c. transit workers gave notice they will strike at midnight unless
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significant progress is made. the current agreement expired in june but they kept working. a walkout would affect 181,000 passengers who use a.c. transit each day in alameda and contra costa counties. >> we are working to help you in the case of either strike. we have resources on we have exclusive traffic app and you can get breaking news updates on twitter@any. >> amantookoffinrichmondduringa t rafficand c.h.p. officers pulled over a car near 4th street and grove avenue at 8:30 last night, and the passenger ran from the car with a large firearm in his hand and police are questioning the driver, the c.h.p. has issued an alert to local authorities to look out for the amended suspect.
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>> happening today, a rally is held in san jose demanding justice for florida teen trayvon martin. activists are asking for civil charges against george zimmerman, the man acquitted in mar tip's killing. the rally demands justice for activists they call "victims of a broken justice system." they are calling for an end to police brutality and available profiles and gang injunctions starting at 4:00 at san jose city hall. authorities in berkeley tell protesters occupying a historic post office to vacate or face arrest. a dozen police officers handed out warning notes to people occupying tents on the post office steps. demonstrators have been camped out since july 24. they are protesting the postal service decision to put the historic building up for sale. >> you want to bundle up as you head out the door. we will check with mike nicco and find out what going open. >> we have drizzle. we have temperatures that are cool down in the south bay, it
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is 51 if location leg and the hills at 59 on the valley floor. san jose is 59 and same for cupertino. redwood city and newark and alameda and brentwood at 57, and lafayette and calistoga and novato at 50 so that is a cooler spot. you can see how low the clouds are hanging, and the good news with the cool weather we have had beautiful air quality, u.v. index is a nine on a scale of zero to 12 so it is very high. it is just when you get outside the cloud cover is to watch out. all of the temperature change is a degree or two of yesterday. this pattern will hold tomorrow with more drizzle on thursday morning so it will be our cool est afternoon. i will show you the weekend first but, first, traffic from leyla gulen. >> we have plenty of it.
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on the bay bridge between the maze and san francisco in the westbound detection we have this. solid red tail lights in the westbound because of a stalled big rig. first it was spotted outside of the tunnel and now it is resting at fremont in a lane and that is causing enough backup to cause 17 miles per hour speeds and you are going to be about 20 to 25 minutes away from the maze and into san francisco. an alternate is richmond san rafael bridge at 44 miles per hour and at top speed into the north bay. this is the walnut creek commute headed southbound along 680 toward the junction with highway 24 and we have area of crowding there but it looks like traffic is moving along pretty well at nine minutes from highway 4 to 24. >> twitter and television, the impact all the tweets are having on color favorite tv shows. >> but, first, three people are
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dead after a man opens fire during a town meeting. the hero who stopped this tragedy from becoming. worse. >> you have heard of distracted driving and now it is distracted walking. the new steps underway to stop
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this abc7 news. >> a look at the golden gate
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bridge with low clouds. there is drizzle, as well, that is possible. >> penn state police have a shooting suspect in custody after opening fire at a townhall meeting and killed three people. it happened last night in ross township 85 miles not of philadelphia. a witness says the gunman fired through a wall into the public meeting before a local official tackled him and shot him with his own gun. investigators say the suspect had a dispute with township officials over the possible condemnation of his property. >> the airline reservation system used by more than 300 airlines is back up and running after nearly three hour out average but not before delays for passengers. this is the scene at seattle's airport. the reservation system want down at 9:20. among the airlines affected, frontier, men, united
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jetblue and virgin america. the pass confers were unable to board during the outage. check with the airline before heading to the airport. >> you could be able to lie down flat next time you fly jetblue to new york city. the low-cost care area will offer last seats from san francisco and los angeles to new york with a massage function and 15" tv i. no word how much a ticket will cost but ticket if similar seats on competing airlines sell for $3,000 to $5,000. >> the department of transportation is taking up a new issue it probably never expected to tackle, distracted walking. they announced it plan on creating a new pedestrian safety campaign to raise awareness distracted walking. as we have reported more and more people are walking while texting or listening to music and 1,500 pedestrians went to
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the emergency room in 2011 after being injured using a smartphone. most deaths occur in urban areas at night. >> from tech titan to media mobile, jeff bezos is calming fears of employees at the "washington post" after it is announced he is buying the "washington post" for the bargain price of $250 million. he made his fortune by pioneering shopping online. in a statement to employees he said and i quote, "the values of the post do not need changing, the paper's duty remains to the readers and not the private interests of his owners. we will continue to follow 9 truth wherever it leads." "good morning america" will have more on the surprise purchase at 7:00 right after our newscast. >> the republican national committee is warning cnn and nbc about their planned hillary clinton series saying republicans will not take part in 2016 president a.m. debates
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by either network if they air the movie as planned. they say it is deeply disappointed in the decision to promote former secretary of state, hillary clinton ahead of her likely candidacy for the democratic nomination for president in to -- in 2016. twitter conversations can cause people to turn on their tvs. "new york times" reports that the study found twitter messages can cause an increase a show's ratings and the twitter and television connection works in reverts, too, shows that are higher rated get tweeted about more. >> chicken and egg, right? >> 6:17. it is a gray start to the only. how many times have we said that, this morning?
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>> our viewers will figure it out. it is cloudy. there is drizzle. if you want to follow us at sfo the cloud cover is spilling into the bay from the coast. 7 miles per hour at santa row creating 1 hour flight arrival delays at sfo and oakland and san jose on time. i hoped to cash the run rise, but we lose two minutes of sunshine each day the sunrise is getting later and later. i would like to stay on this shot, just a beautiful uplighting of the clouds and fantastic colors. the drizzle is the big story through the morning and the temperatures in the 50's, with chilled sunshine and the temperatures will be below average, and more drizzle the next couple of nights and a dry push and slow warming trend will
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start. now, today, you can see the cloud cover dominant through at least 10:00 and we will start to see clearing in the east bay and inland valleys in the south bay and by noon we have cleared as much as we going to clear and there is still fog along the lower valleys and the coast and the north bay and you can see the public of fog across san francisco reaching over to berkeley and oakland and richmond and that will probable stay there for the better part of today. talking temperatures, we will be in the low-to-mid 70's for the santa clara valley and to the south, los gatos making a run at 80 and only 68 in santa cruz. low-to-mid in the pent that and milbrae at 68 and upper 50's to near 60 along the coast and downtown is 61 and south san francisco and sausalito in the mid-60's. petaluma at 69. low-to-mid 70's with the rest of the north bay. at the coast, struggling in the upper 50's and mid-60's to near 70 along east bay shore and free air conditioning in the east bay
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valley and mid-70's to only 80. at the game it will be a cool one, 60 degrees at 7:15 and dropping to 56 with drizzle. there will be drizzle in a lot of places tomorrow and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's with a lot of cloud cover. we could have measurable drizzle for thursday's morning commute which is going to coincide with a coolest afternoon as we cannot get out of the 70's. you can see the dry pattern on friday and the warmer weather on saturday, numb, and monday. have a great day. >> we have a report of grass fire off of the redwood city highway with more on that in a little bit but we have hotspots on the bay bridge and over the altamont pass. the altamont pass westbound direction is packed into livermore with this report of a stall in the center divider and westbound 580 at vasco road and during the sunol grade along 84,
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in the southbound direction, 27 miles per hour, it is staying slow as you make it over to 680. on the bay bridge we have a stalled big rig carrying lumber westbound side of 880 with a lane blocked. you can see right now, a big rig carrying 75,000 pounds of lumber blocking lanes and causing quite the jam out of berkeley. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg going political and what he is urging this morning. >> first, the boys summer from the peninsula continue the nouncer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how're they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology
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and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> leyla gulen is monitoring the backup on the maze and you will find out how long you have to wait to get through. >> baseball fever grips the peninsula as the little leaguers steam along in their quest to reach the little league world series. they won the third straight at the west regional in san bernardino. this is one of three hits in the game, a triple short of the cycle. they have nine runs in the 5th to beat utah 13-3 under the
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mercy rule, and the next game is wednesday night. >> here is a question to ponder: which universities throw the best parties? the list of top party schools and chico did not make the top 20. only one california school did: number one is university of iowa followed by uc santa barbara and university of illinois in champaign, illinois. the top sober school list is headed by byu followed by wheaten and the college of the ohozarks. >> the company that created a breakup app has a makeup app for people who have dumped their lovers only to have second thoughts. it offers three excuses, reasons. something shiny caught my eye. i lost interest and i was kidnapped by russians while breakup costs 99 cents.
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they missed "it is not you, it is me." >> kidnapped by russians? aliens is better. >> flames bin through the night in southern california. ahead at 6:30 we update the evacuations and the firefight and conditions expected for crew on the ground. >> if san jose, an amber alert is in affect for two missing kids and we will tell you of the new way c.h.p. is notifying people about the crime and where they think the suspect is headed next. >> the sun is up and you need to be above 2,000' to see it with clouds and drizzle the next couple of mornings. >> in the abc7 news traffic center, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic backed up from berkeley because of another big rig problem on the bay bridge. fog like yesterday, but the details are ahead
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>> we have breaking news. former president george w. bush had heart surgery in texas
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morning from dallas, texas. during his special yesterday, he was discovered to have a blockage in an artery so they put in a stent and the president is resting now. tomorrow, he hopes to go home if all are well and he is released, supposedly, become at activities on thursday if everything goes okay. >> this would be george w. bush, the younger, theson, of president george h.w. bush. he had the surgery and he is doing well. he said he is grateful to the skilled medical professionals who have cared for him and thanked his families friends and fellow citizens for their prayers and well wishes and importantly high encourages everyone to get regular checkups because it was during a routine physical exam that they discovered the blockage if his artery in the heart and that is how they ended up having the
6:31 am
surgery this morning. >> number 43 if you keep track of the presidents as they do in the bush family, 41 is the father, 43 is the son. at 6:31, mike? >> heart surgery yesterday and going home tomorrow? how far we have come! >> the sun is up. we just cannot see it because there is so much cloud cover. there is a little bit of drizzle for the commute. the next 12 hours, drizzle and 55 at the bay, and cloudy and 62 at noon. chilled sunshine because of the breeze off the southeast and only 68 at 4:00 with the clouds returning by 7:00. low 60's so grab a coat. by noon we will have lingering clouds in the north bay valley, and free air conditioning in the mid-70's at 4:00, and at the coast, the day planner the next
6:32 am
12 hours, drizzle this morning, and mainly dry but dry at balloon and sunshine or two and mostly cloudy and upper 50's in the afternoon hours. leyla gulen? >> we have a fire off of 101 at the golf club the smoke turned into flames. what is causing delays, though; a stalled big rig with 75,000 pounds of lumber. this is a repeat of yesterday. we are still seeing heavy backups coming away from the maze. we will look at the maze. you can see how traffic now is starting to snarl as it approaches 580 long westbound 80. this is a normal traffic as you make it to the bay bridge plaza with the tolls packed like sardines. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from san francisco's presidio with fire broking out this morning near the national cemetery, and abc7
6:33 am
news reporter has more. cornell? >> the firefighters have gotten the upper hand on the grass fire that burned in the southwest corner of the presidio, this is a shot of the main gate of the national cemetery. the fire is contained. we do have pictures from early this morning. firefighters say two acres have burned and the flamed happened at 3:00 a.m. generating flames and a lot smoke at park avenue. at first, finding a high dramatic was a challenge. water had to be trucked in for a time. the blaze was threatening homes and graves but none were damaged. police are closing lincoln avenue between park avenue through the bring said i don't -- produce the presidio.
6:34 am
firefighters never remember fighting a fire in the presidio because it is always so foggy and cool but it did happen this morning. the cause of the fire remains a mystery. >> thank you, happening now, firefighters are battling to protect homes from a growing wildfire in southern california with video in the newsroom overnight, the fire charred monday than 1,200 acres in riverside county and threatening structures and forced the evacuation of 100 homes. crews are aided by choppers and flames and a jumbo jet dropping retardant and the effort is doing the job so far of protecting homes from the flames. >> more break news, amber alert for two southern california children has spread to the bay area after they found their mother dead in a house fire. we are joined from san jose by
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matt. >> this is what you will see when you hit the roads, caltran signs with the amber alert information expanded into the bay area last night. here are the photos of the missing children and the man suspected of kidnapping the children. 16-year-old hannah anderson and 8-year-old ethan anderson and 40-year-old james dimaggio. the body of christina anderson was found sunday in a burned out home in a community of boulevard southeast of san diego ". she was killed before dimaggio set the home on fire. later, law enforcement made another gruesome discovery in a burned out attached garage. >> we dug through the rubble of the house and when they were doing that, sifting through the rubble, they located the remains of of the boy. authorities would not say whether the body could be one of anderson's two children, hannah or he than, and dimaggio owns the house and was in a friend
6:36 am
ship with anderson. here are the details of the car: 20 children -- 20 cell or smartphone. >> if you would like to opt out of receiving state-wide am before alert text we have the details on >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is speaking out publicly for the first time in favor of immigration reform. the 29-year-old billionaire spoke in san francisco at the screening of "undocumented" a documentary chronicling the struggles of illegal immigrants. zuckerberg says his support for comprehensive immigration reform is more than securing visas for
6:37 am
engineers at facebook but he says it is the right thing to do for the future of our country. >> bart and the unions are getting ready to present their case. we will breakdown tomorrow's all important meeting. >> the return to the bay happening today for the america's cup team that lost one of its own members in a training accident. >> from the rooftop camera in san francisco checking out the transamerica building, you can see the low clouds are sitting over them with drizzle and we will check traffic and weather next at
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>> we are back at 6:40 with a game forecast. 60 at 7:15 and dropping to 56 degrees. you can see the low clouds hanging over san francisco. we have flight arrival delays in sfo at an hour and 13 minutes. big story is seven to ten degrees cooler-than-average and stuck in the 60's and 70's and we should be in the 70's and 80's. it will be warmer in tahoe and the bay area, and today, 82, and 97 in fresno and cooler an average an los angeles and san diego with low-to-mid 70's. leyla gulen? >> we have the stalled big rig at fremont street on the bay bridge and that is causing significant delays from berkeley
6:41 am
and we have a loadup of traffic away from this area. and in san jose we have a rot of a fire burning at a storage facility northbound 680 and 101 the connection. with slow-and-go traffic between the 280 and 680 split and the rest of the drive across san jose is wide open and top speed on all three roads, 101, 85 and 280. >> members of sweden's artemis team will rates for -- race for the first time in san francisco bay sip the may training accident capsized the boat and killed a crew member. artemis is a sentimental favorite but will be an underdog when it take on the italian team. artemis has been training on the new boat for two weeks to get rid of the race, which is scheduled to begin at 1:15. tickets are available this morning for the grandstand seating at the marina.
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>> the reason the hot back to school fashions not a concern for some parents and students. and trading is underway on wall street with the big board showing the dow is off 83 points. ahead, we will check with bloomburg at the new york stock exchange. >> coming up first, the meeting what could determine how the bart strike threat turns out. >> and we have confirmed that former president george w. bush had heart surgery this
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the bay area avoided a bart strike this week because of the governor's board of inquiry. preparations are underway for the panel's first all important meeting tomorrow. abc7 news reporter join us from the newsroom. katie? >> this week will determine if the next bart strike is a week away or if this is a month-long reprieve. representatives go before the three person panel tomorrow morning. the head of the panel sent a letter to all parties asking them to explain if a strike or a lockout would disrupt or endanger the public. they can bring supporting documents including the estimated cost of their proposal. the panel will present their findings to the governor and he will decide whether to call for a 60-day cooling off period.
6:46 am
>> they are hopefully going to choose the devil they know at bargaining table to the devil they do nut know which is what could happen dug an additional 60-day cooling off period. >> the panel will give the report to the governor by the end of the week and if there is the cooling off period negotiations can continue during that time. >> tomorrow morning, the meeting is open to the public and it begins at 10:30 at 9 state building in oakland. >> katy, thank you. you can fine the range of commute resources in the event of a strike on and you can find real time traffic conditions and down led our traffic app and get breaking news updates on twitter. forget the hot back-to-school fashions, kid could have a more uniform look. >> and 9 on time rate for mortgage rates is grabbing of the jane king joins us from the
6:47 am
new york stock exchange. jane? >> good morning, to you. a growing shay of homeowners making the mortgage payment on time. the mortgage delinquency rate nationwide fell about 26 percent in the second quarter and this is a jobs picture improving with home prices gaining and the biggest improvements was in san francisco, where the delinquency rate dropped 44 percent. we have a lower start to things with the dow and s&p under pressure with a last talk and speculation of when the fed could put back on stimulus. the thing today is that it could happen sooner rather than later. the silicon valley index is trading, though, slightly higher. you are driving a new car or an old clunker? a new report shows we are hanging on the old cars. the age system 11.4 years, two years older than in 2007 because the quality is better and people
6:48 am
are trying to avoid monthly payments. kids could look different back to school season with uniforms. french toast, a uniform brand says 100,000 new students will wear uniforms resulting in 10 percent increase in sales. they say what school districts have half a in additional students are considering dress codes in the future. >> mike, did you not say it would be cold and drizzly with gay -- gray skies? >> unfortunately i was right. now, this is just the beginning of a couple of days of a run at measurable drizzle in the morning. our best chance will probably be thursday morning. we have cloud cover out there on live doppler 7 hd but no rain, just some mist and drizzle so it is a frizzy start.
6:49 am
temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and san francisco is 54 and san car hose and fremont is 57, and we have oakland and concord at 56, and mountain view and san jose at 59. and 54 in novato, and you can see the cloud cover out there is lower as we speak. we can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge and i imagine that will keep lowering to the deck the next hour. so watch that. morning drizzle, chills p.m. sunshine, because of the breeze and temperatures are below average and clouds overnight with more drizzle locking in the cooler-than-average air mass through friday and we will start to see a modification with dry air coming in and we will slowly warm that up through the weekend. we will get near 80 in morgan hill and los gatos around the neighborhood and 79 in gilroy and low-to-mid 70's for the south bay and millbrae is 68, and downtown is only at 61 degrees. 66 in south san francisco and 65
6:50 am
in sauce lady and 69 in petaluma and low-to-mid 70's for the north bay valley and the beaches, a struggle, into the upper 50's and in the mid-60's to near 70 the east bay shore and fremont is 72 for the warm spot, and headed in the east bay valley no need to turn the air conditioning on, mid-70's to northeast 80 in antioch. the lows show the cloud cover in the low-to-mid 50's with drizzle more likely than this morning. the upper low is churning off the coast reinforcing the sea breeze and make it juicy. it will move to the north us and northeast but that is not until friday and then it moves away so until then the cool pattern hangs on with temperatures tomorrow a lot like today but thursday we do not escape the 70's and back to today, friday and look at saturdays sunday, and monday, a lot closer to where we should be, 60 loan the coast and mid-70's around the bay. leyla gulen?
6:51 am
>> commuters are probably saying not again. on the bay bridge we have troubled areas because of a stalled big rig at fremont street. it was carrying 75,000 pounds of lumber. so bumper-to-bumper traffic. on the berkeley commute i can show you how that traffic is stack up. from freeway 4 to the maze, that is now a 30-minute commute. on the maze to san francisco thank on another 25 minutes. in the presidio, this is where we do have cornell on the scene reporting on a fire that happen near the presidio cemetery, closed right now. as we go over to castro valley and eastbound a 80, that is where we have a possible big-rig fire. >> thank you very much. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go including breaking
6:52 am
news, heart surgery for president george w. bush the former president.
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>> good morning, here is a look at traffic on i-80 through berkeley the westbound direction with the headlights moving very, very slowly so another tough commute for folks headed to the bay bridge. another check with leyla gulen coming up. >> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. the breaking news in san francisco's historic presidio, a fire broke out at 3:00 and burned two acres before crews puts it out. for sites were damaged but lincoln avenue is closed between park for part of the morning. >> two, amber alert from southern california is now expanded to the bay area, authorities are looking for 40-year-old james dimaggio suspected of kidnapping two
6:54 am
children, hannah and ethan. it is believes three killed their mother and took the kids. >> former president george w. bush, the younger, is recovering from heart surgery. he had a stent inserted to open a blockage near his heart and doctors discovered it during a physical. he is eager to return home and in high spirits. >> 1,400 a.c. transit workers are threatening to strike at midnight tonight until there is major progress in negotiations. the contract has expired in june but they have been working and it affects 181,000 daily passengers. >> bart and the unions are preparing the cases for the governor's investigative panel trying to negotiate a contract without success. the governor could call for a 60-day cooling off period during which there could be no strike or lockout. >> since, the summerless forecast for the next three or
6:55 am
five days, with low clouds, flight arrival delays at sfo like this morning, and one hour and thin minutes, and now a look at the forecast for the afternoon, as we look at 9 sunshine, you have to be above 2,000 feet, 75 to 80 inland and 6 to 75, around the bay with sun and hartley any sunshine at the coast and 57 to 61. >> seven, commuters think deja vu, not again, her is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza packed conditions, and here are the maps, i can show you we have a stalled big rig at fremont street and that is causing huge backup out of berkeley and delays coming away from the hoffman split at 30 minutes will take you from the hoffman split to the maze. a fire burning off of northbound 680 and 101 connection and that is actually where we have slowing as a result, northbound side along 101 bumper-to-bumper traffic from the 280/680 split
6:56 am
to the nimitz. >> lots going on and multiple fires, too. thank you. we continue now online.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, a horrifying shoot-out at a local town council meeting. bullets suddenly tearing through the walls, causing chaos. a heroic official tackling the shooter as he went to reload. we are live at the scene. also breaking now, americans in yemen evacuated overnight in a dramatic military operation after the terror alert there reaches its highest level. martha raddatz with new details on the urgent search now for vehicle bombs al qaeda reportedly wants to use in its next attack. >> shark, shark! surviving "jaws." one woman's narrow escape facing off with a 14-foot great white shark battling with the beast to break free. now, she reveals her moment of terror, all caught on tape. >> will you
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